John Dean Markunas


John Dean Markunas is a real estate industry blockchain advisor and business development consultant. He is the Principal Consultant with Power of Chain Consultancy LLC, a blockchain advisory firm. His work covers several distinct real estate sectors; property title insurance, real estate fractionalization along with a special focus on land registry systems, title recordation and land governance.

Mr. Markunas has over 30 years of commercial real estate experience including real estate development, brokerage, appraising, and title insurance focusing on the U.S. and Latin America markets. Outside of the U.S. he has lived and worked in Mexico and Brazil.

John is an enthusiastic, advocate and supporter of blockchain technologies. He is a member of FIBREE (Foundation for International Blockchain Real Estate Expertise) based in the Netherlands. He is the Co-chair of FIBREE’s New York City Regional Chapter.   And John is the Chair of FIBREE’s newly established Land Titling Working Group,

John is also an active member of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) based in Washington, D.C. and is the Leader of GBA’s Land Titling Working Group. The Land Title Working group explores blockchain technologies to address land titling and land registry processes around the world.

John is a prominent public speaker on blockchain use in the real estate industry and has authored several articles covering a variety of topics on blockchain and its impact on business processes.

Mr. Markunas has a BS degree in Business Administration from Florida State University. He also holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of San Francisco, CA.

He is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.




Speaking Track

ASDToken –
Crypto and Real Estate

The impact of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain on the real estate industry.


Date & Time / Location

September 9, 2021 –
8:00am to 5:00pm /
The Venetian, Las Vegas

Session Topic

Blockchain & Real Estate

John will be sharing his insights on the impact blockchain is having on the real estate industry.