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The ASDAwards

Recognizing Excellence in Real Estate Innovation
What are

The ASDAwards?

The ASDAwards honors excellence in real estate innovation.

The annual award ceremony recognizes the most innovative and transformational real estate leaders, companies and projects of the year. The ASDAward winners are announced as part of AnySizeDeals Week – The Festival of Real Estate Innovation at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas.

The focus of the ASDAwards is to reward real estate companies that have fully embraced technology & innovation as part of their company culture. This is reflected through their company wide initiatives, adoption of tech and the modernization of their buildings.

In addition, the ASDAwards encourages companies to nominate leaders from underrepresented groups within their organization. There has never been a better time to showcase diversity and inclusion in our industry.

Award Categories

The ASDAwards highlights excellence in real estate innovation; from executives to projects.

Most Innovative Leaders

Submit “Leaders“ Nomination

Executive of the Year Award

This category is for someone in a senior leadership role that is pushing the charge to bring innovation within their company and reshaping the industry.

Rising Star of the Year Award

This category is for an up and comer who is pushing the boundaries of what’s innovative within their company and the industry. Has been in the industry for 5 years or less.

Most Innovative Companies

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Social Good Award

This category is for companies that are striving everyday to be exceptional community partners. It goes beyond just making a profit for their shareholders but also in having a positive impact on their stakeholders.

Most Innovative Company

This ASDAward category recognizes the most innovative real estate company of the year. It recognizes a company that is leading the industry in adopting innovative solutions and is pushing the industry forward.

Most Innovative Projects

Submit “Projects“ Nomination

Multifamily Category

This ASDAward category recognizes the most innovative and transformational Multifamily and/or Residential Project recently completed.

Office Category

This ASDAward Category recognizes the most innovative and transformational Office Project recently completed.

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  • Who is Eligible for the Competition?
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Is There an Application Fee?
Who is Eligible for the Competition?
Most Innovative Leader Category:

You can nominate yourself or someone else who works in the real estate industry.

Most Innovative Company Category:

In this category we want to reward and encourage traditional real estate companies that are incorporating technology in their day to day business. Real estate development firms. landlords, brokerage firms, property management firms and the like are encouraged to apply.

*You need to have permission from your company to submit the application. Your company must agree to send someone to Las Vegas if they are a finalist in the ASDAwards.

Most Innovative Project Categories:

Eligible projects/developments must have been completed between 2018 and 2020 (we know there won’t be much completed in 2020). We are looking for innovative buildings in the office and multifamily sector.

*You can submit as either the building owner or developer, or as the design firm, architectural firm or construction firm that was involved in completing the project. Your company must agree to send someone to Las Vegas if you are selected as a finalist in the ASDAwards.

Diversity & Inclusion

The ASDAwards is a great way to showcase the diversity and inclusion in the real estate industry and we encourage companies to nominate team members from underrepresented groups. Given all that has transpired recently and with organizations committing to diversity efforts, we believe highlighting this diversity at the ASDAwards will be great.

Is There an Application Fee?

NO. It’s completely FREE to apply and submit an application.

If you are selected as a finalists, you are invited to attend the ASDAward ceremony at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas during AnySizeDeals Week. The winner in each category will be selected at the ASDAwards.

*You are responsible for your own accommodations, airfare and food.

If your company is interested in sponsoring at AnySizeDeals Week you would have to register as a normal vendor. We do recommend that the finalists attend with their teams and supporters given the fact the winner in each category is selected in part by attendee votes.

  • How Does the Process Work?
  • Do you have to be US based?
  • What’s Special about the ASDAwards?
How Does the Process Work?

When the application process opens on July 15th, 2020, any company or person authorized to represent a company or individual can submit an online application.

Select the category you want to submit under; either Innovative Leaders, Innovative Companies or Innovative Projects.  You can submit nominees in more than one category.

If you are one of the finalists that are nominated for the ASDAwards you or a company representative will have to attend AnySizeDeals Week in Las Vegas to participate in the ASDAwards ceremony.

Do you have to be US based?

NO. The application process is open to all companies and individuals throughout the world.

We DO NOT help with Visa’s, accommodations or air travel, it’s the companies responsibility to ensure the proper visa’s and secure their hotel accommodations.

AnySizeDeals Week does have a ROOM BLOCK at the Venetian Resort that is reserved for the festival attendees and we HIGHLY recommend that all participants stay on site.

What’s Special about the ASDAwards?

The ASDAwards are different than other real estate awards for 2 main reasons:

  1. Recognizing and rewarding truly innovative leaders, projects and companies within the real estate industry, with a focus on highlighting the traditional players that are embracing innovation.
  2. Recognizing diversity and inclusion within our industry. The ASDAwards encourages companies to showcase the best and brightest of their diverse of workforce.