Darnell Jernigan


Darnell Jernigan is a “Solutionologist” and founder of “The Ujimamoja Fund.” He lives in Las Vegas Nevada and has been active in the redevelopment project known as the Historic Westside Las Vegas since 2017. In this capacity and as President of the Westside Neighborhood Association, he has been able to realize the true purpose of Opportunity Zones and investment by providing redevelopment in the community, enhancing the appearance of the community, providing a lasting legacy to the stakeholders and their families and enhancing their lives. Additionally, through his efforts and relationships with organizations such as YouthBuild, he has been able to provide disadvantage youth the training and necessary skills for a positive future. To date, he has provided high quality jobs to 30 men and women, including OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 certification. His concept of remodeling vacant properties into group homes, and working with Veteran groups as well as faith-based organizations, provides Veterans and displaced persons with safe, clean housing opportunities. He has been able to instill trustworthiness into the residents of this community, create, and expand a following of stakeholders ready and willing to participate in his vision.

With this strategic solution, he is able to assist existing property owners, commercial real estate sites, and single family/multifamily homes in Historic West Las Vegas, which are in jeopardy due to code violation, sanitation bills, tax liens, and foreclosure. Ultimately, his vision was to create a program that enhances the appearance of the community, unifies the neighbors through trust, remodel distressed properties, increase market value, as well as establishing rental income streams, provide jobs and opportunities to youth, and at the end of the day, provide much needed beds for men and women, including homeless Veterans. Mr. Jernigan does this through integrity and compassion for the community he loves.


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September 8th, 2021 – 9:00am – 5:00pm / The Venetian, Las Vegas
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Revitalizing in action

Darnell will do a presentation on revitalization of distressed communities in Vegas