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Recognizing Excellence in Real Estate Innovation

July 16, 2020by Steve NsonNews

Recognizing Excellence in Real Estate Innovation

July 16, 2020 by Steve Nson

Exciting News! Nominations are now open for the ASDAwards!.

This is an incredible opportunity to showcase the top executives, companies and projects that exemplify innovation and community outreach in the real estate industry.

Do you know a real estate executive that deserves to be recognized by their peers for the incredible work they do to encourage innovation and the adoption of technology within the real estate industry? If so, then nominate them for an ASDAward. 

Are you part of an organization that has done incredible work to help communities in these difficult times and deserves peer recognition? If that’s the case then nominate your organization for a Social Good Award. 

What the most innovative and forward looking multifamily or office project to be completed recently that you believe deserves to be recognized by the industry? If you were part of the team, then nominate the project for an ASDAward. 

We are living in incredible times but we must still take the time to acknowledge outstanding work when we see it.

The ASDAward finalists will be invited to the ASDAward Ceremony that takes place on September 10th, 2020 at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas as part of AnySizeDeals Week – The Festival of Real Estate Innovation. 

*The deadline for submissions is July 30th, 2020.